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Anónimo: Do you have a reason or an explanation why brazil lost the game the way they did ?


Do you want the true ? Do you want me to be honest ? 

Pretty much because of CBF, our federation. The truth is CBF is pretty much why brazilian football is downhill since 2002. To be honest in 2002 we won but we didnt have an excellent football or something but, we won  and that’s pretty much what matter to the CBF. 

Before the Federations Cup we had a coach called Mano Menezes, and Mano is not even close to be /loved/ in the brazilian soil. So what CBF did ? Just hired another coach, the coach of 2002 to when the Federations Cup/World Cup ended they could say “We done it all”. Pretty simple for them. 

When we won back in 2002 we thought ”we cant get better so lets chill” (actually this is one of the things I hate about brazilians and one thin I constantly do) and Germany Football with DFB actually started to work to get better and better and the fruits are showing now. 

Germany actually care about the youth system, when the kid is playing for some club the club has to ensure the kid’s education. German care so much about the youth system that people like Manuel Neuer was found in this program. (He actually gave an interview to a Brazilian TV talking about that.) 

Brazil doesn’t really care about the youth system. We actually reveal a lot of players because of the connection with football than due to the youth system program. 

Another mistake in the brazilian football is because we are ”overpast”. In our National Team and in the football that is played here. We don’t really have any ~new~ tactics or something like that. Mainly because when something goes wrong in the team the first thing to do is sack the coach and that is it. Like I said in the begging with Mano Menezes. So we dont actually have a work done in the past years like Germany did with Löw and with Klinsmann. 

I actually believe that we reached the finals more due to the quality of our players than to our coach’s/federation work. 

German National Team is doing a gradually/excellent work to be better and better and we are doing a work to ”if we are lucky enough we get in the final”

Is sad but it is the truth tho.

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So is he trying to shake his head “no” or is he just trying to dislodge that arrowhead from his throat?

is it a twitch from all that venom inside him or the result of torture?

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